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What are the requirements?

  1. No copyright issues
  2. The article must be written in English and can include up to two links to your website.
  3. China-related content, such as recipes, facts, stories,etc.(you can introduce your restaurant by featured food and chef or culture)
  4. Your article should be more than 2000 words, the season is for better ranking. Please check our author’s post “Kam Heong Chicken” , this name is ranked on top 3 on Google, one reason is this post have around 2000 words
  5. Please use keywords as your title (you can find keywords from Google Keywords planner.

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Please note that we reserve the right to edit or delete your article if we find it violate copyright. (We will add few texts at bottom for other inner pages)

Please submit your information and article, please introduce your self also, we will create author box for you!

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  6. Your articles

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