Best Splatter Screen for Cooking in Frying Pan Buying Guide

Interested in buying a splatter screen to avoid the mess in the kitchen? Here are a few things to look for that may help you choose the right one. 

  • Size – You may want to take an inventory of the pans and pots you use most frequently. The ideal splatter screen should fit the edge of your favorite pan.
  • Versatility – Do you want it to be multi-functional, say as a strainer or cooling rack, so that you get the most value out of it?
  • Mesh Construction – Do you want stainless steel or silicone? The metal mesh is thinner than the silicone one, but it allows steam to escape more easily. 
  •  Design – Splatter screens with long handles on the side are more popular than the ones with a knob on the top of the screen, simply because they are safer and easier to use. But you want to make sure the handle material won’t conduct heat. 

Top Splatter Screens to Consider:

#1. Bergkoch
One of the Bestselling products! 
Made of 304-grade stainless steel, it has a super fine mesh and 4 unique “feet” to rest on the countertop. The mesh count has been increased by 40% and joints are reinforced to take your kitchen safety to a new level. The resting feet will help keep the grease off your countertop. Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty.

Some users have complained about the plastic handles melt on the side of pans or the screens get burned. You should definitely check with the manufacturer about how to safely use the product. If there is a defect, don’t hesitate to ask for a replacement and take advantage of the lifetime warranty. 

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#2. BitimexHome
Best Bang for your buck!
This is the most versatile and reasonably priced splatter screen set. You get three different sizes (8″,10″,11″) that fit most of your pans and pots. It also doubles as a stainer and cooling rack. So practically, you can use all of them at the same time for different purposes. Long handles are made of plastic so it won’t burn your hands. The mesh is made of high-quality mesh that allows steam to come out but still prevents splatter effectively. 

Some users noticed the weakness of the joints connecting the handles with the mesh. This is not a common problem in this product though. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Overall, this product is worth a try! 

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#3. Frywall
As seen on Shark Tank!
Frywall is different from a splatter screen but serves the same purpose. Made of BPA-free silicone, it has a nice thickness and different colors. It sits right on top of the pan and allows you to see and stir the food. The steam can escape freely. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 

It has some limitations, for example, it doesn’t fit downdraft stoves and you have to be very specific when ordering based on the size of your pans. Another flaw is that you need to constantly re-adjust so that it fits well in the pan as it easily slides out of place.

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#4. ExcelSteel
Big silicone screen!
This splatter screen is made of high-quality silicone. No rusting down the road. If you’d prefer the peace of mind knowing the material will last, this one may be a good option. It won’t get too hot on the screen and the handle so it’s safer to use. 

However, the hole in the mesh is bigger so it may take a little bit longer to get it all cleaned up. Because silicone doesn’t stand temperature as high as stainless steel, some customers experienced the material melting during normal use. 

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#5. Calphalon
Name Brand with a 10-year Warranty!
This product has a durable stainless steel mesh and a stay-cool handle. It has 3 sizes built-in for different sized pan, as the ridges in the design help keep it in place. It doesn’t rust or break down like the wired ones. 

While it does allow steam to escape, you can’t see the food while cooking. It can get very hot, due to its larger surface area, so be sure to let it cool down before running it under the tap. 

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How do You Use a Splatter Screen?
Splatter screen is pretty easy to use — it goes on top of your frying pans and pots (except Frywall, which goes around them). Think of it as a “lid” with holes, which allows steam to escape. This is important because you don’t want to lock the moisture inside while frying something, then you end up with steamed food, not fried one. 
If the screens have unique “feet”  on one side, you should put that side up when cooking. When you are done, switch sides and place the screens over the counter to rest. If your screens are flat on both sides, then it doesn’t matter which side faces up. 

Most splatter screens have handles on the side. You simply hold the handles and place the screens on top of the pan. Make sure you choose the right size so the screen can fully cover the edge of the pan. When you are ready to flip the food, grab the handle and move the screen away from the pan. Put it below your face when you lean over to check the food, or in front of your chest with a 45-degree angle when you stand straight. This way you can minimize the chance of getting burns on your face.  Unless the handles are made of plastic or other heat-resistant materials, it’s a good idea to buy a silicone cover to protect your hands.
Many splatter screens can also serve as strainers and cooling racks, such as Bergkoch and BitimexHome brands mentioned above. This is nice because it increases the screen’s utilization rate. Say, for example, you are just boiling eggs for breakfast, no oil involved, you can still use the splatter screens. Getting your freshly baked cookies out from the oven? There you go, use the screens again. You actually don’t even need to buy a separate strainer or cooling rack when you invest in a good quality splatter screen.  
If you have a splatter screen that has a plastic component, say in the handle or knob, you should definitely not put it inside an oven. If you’re distracted while cooking, it’s easy to forget that the screen gets very hot, so be careful not to touch it or bump up against it when you remove it.

How do You Clean a Splatter Screen?
Most splatter screens are dishwasher safe. However, if you just need a quick cleaning, let it sit in soapy water and give it a good rinse and wipe afterward.

Depending on the size of the holes in the mesh, food residues may clog the holes, which means longer cleaning time between uses. If this is a concern, you should definitely buy a splatter screen with finer mesh. A fine mesh will not only save you time in cleaning but prevent oil splatters better in the first place. 
Stainless steel can stand high-temperature wash in the dishwasher, however, if your splatter screens have a handle made of plastic or other materials, be sure to check with the manufacturers about the washing instructions. 

How do You Keep Grease from Splattering?
While splattering oil cannot be eliminated completely unless there is no oil involved, you can definitely keep grease from splattering to a minimum level. Splatter screen can help tremendously, but follow these tips to achieve better results: 

#1.Proper handling:
Pat dry food as much as possible before placing it into the pan. Slip the food into the pan from only a few inches above, instead of dropping it. Remove the frying pan from the burner while you turn the food.

#2Finding the right oil and temperature:
Start at a low temperature when you are frying anything and gradually warm up your frying pan and oil. Avocado oil is most suitable for high-temperature cooking. For medium frying, you can use canola oil, vegetable oil, corn, and sunflower oils.

#3. Use the right cookware:
Choose a high-quality skillet that has even heat distribution. Stay away from the cheap stainless steel cookware as they lack an inner conductive metal. Poor conductivity can lead to hot spots that cause burnt food, smoke, and of course excess splatter.

#4. Try other cooking techniques:
If you love frying food but hate the mess, invest in an air fryer. Or use oven frying at a high temperature for your favorite french fries, fried fish or chicken nuggets. 


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