Best Things to Get at Costco

Costco, one of America’s favorite retailers, is full of fantastic finds that can save you a significant amount of money. Whether you are an individual buyer or shopping for a family, there are numerous products that are worth your hard-earned money. The wide range of offerings include Kirkland Signature products—Costco’s top-ranking private label—that are often of superior quality compared to major brands. Additionally, Costco’s fresh produce section, gasoline, rotisserie chickens, bakery items, prescription glasses, wine and liquor, electronics, and organic products are some of the excellent deals that the store offers. In this informative guide, we will uncover the hidden gems and the best things to get at Costco.

Kirkland Signature Products

Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Known for its richness and depth, Kirkland Signature’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pantry staple. It not only enhances the taste of any dish but also has health benefits. This olive oil is sourced from the first cold pressing of organic olives, which means it retains all its nutritional integrity. Consider switching your regular cooking oil to Kirkland’s Olive Oil for a healthier and tastier choice.

Kirkland Signature Almond Butter

Packed with nutritional perks like proteins, fiber, and good fats, Kirkland Signature Almond Butter is a must-have for health-conscious shoppers. Unlike other brands, this almond butter does not contain any added sugars or artificial flavors, making it a much healthier option for those morning toasts or smoothies.

Kirkland Signature Protein Bars

Kirkland Signature Protein Bars are a perfect snack for those who are on a high-protein diet. Rich in protein and fibre, yet low in sugar and carbs, these bars are perfect for a quick energy boost before a workout or a filling snack to get through those midday hunger pangs.

Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa

Versatile and nutritious, Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa is an excellent choice for health enthusiasts. Quinoa is a great source of complete protein, packed with all essential amino acids. It’s also gluten-free and high in fiber. You can use it as a great substitute for rice or pasta or add it to your salads and soups.

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue

Comfort and quality come together with Kirkland Signature’s Bath Tissue. It is ultra-soft and strong, preventing any tearing during use. It is also septic safe and sustainably sourced, making it a better choice for the environment.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers

Great for parents seeking a balance between quality and cost, Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers are a reliable choice. These diapers are incredibly absorbent, hold up well over time, and have an exceptional fit to keep your little ones comfortable all day long.

Kirkland Signature Stainless Steel Cookware Set

For those looking to invest in kitchen essentials, the Kirkland Signature Stainless Steel Cookware Set is an excellent option. This 13-piece set contains a variety of pots and pans, all boasting solid construction quality. It’s not just cooking-friendly, but also dishwasher-safe, making it a convenient choice for busy kitchens.

An image showcasing various Kirkland Signature products including Olive Oil, Almond Butter, Protein Bars, Quinoa, Bath Tissue, Diapers, and Cookware Set.

Bulk Fresh Produce

Bulk Fresh Produce at Costco

Costco’s fresh produce section is a treasure trove for those who prioritize health in their daily eating habits. It is particularly beneficial for frequent consumers of fruits and vegetables due to the considerable savings on bulk purchases. Buying in large quantities may seem like much, but it is ultimately economical for large households, especially considering the high consumption rate of fresh produce.

The affordability of Costco’s bulk fresh produce is a major attraction, yet it is the impressive quality that truly stands out. Consumer reviews frequently praise the freshness and flavor of Costco’s fruits and veggies. Whether you’re looking for crunchy apples, juicy oranges, or fresh and vibrant salad bags, Costco has you covered.

Despite the preconception that bulk products sacrifice quality for quantity, Costco consistently proves this wrong. The store ensures top-notch quality control, providing products that are fresh and of high quality. This manifests in their rich-tasting, vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables that burst with flavor and nutrients.

Apart from this, Costco also goes the extra mile to provide a wide variety of fresh produce. For those seeking to mix up their recipes and add some diversity to their diet, this can be very beneficial. From garden-variety vegetables and familiar fruits to more unique and exotic picks, there’s always something new to discover in Costco’s produce aisle.

So, if you’re on a mission to maintain a healthy eating regime and save some money, or you merely enjoy the taste of fresh produce, Costco’s fresh produce section is a must-visit. It gives you good health, great taste, a wide variety, and outstanding savings, all in a single trip.

A variety of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, displayed neatly in a Costco store.


Fuel Up at Costco

Costco isn’t just a warehouse club for bulk items and discounted name brands, it’s also your resource for discounted gasoline. You might be surprised to learn that many Costco locations have fully-equipped gas stations on site, providing their members with that extra bit of value.

One of the great benefits of buying gasoline at Costco is the price. Costco members can often find gasoline prices at their local store that are significantly lower than at other nearby gas stations. This is because Costco buys its gasoline in large quantities, and passes the savings onto its members. This makes them a competitive player in the fuel market and a reliable choice for budget-conscious drivers.

Convenience is another perk of filling up at a Costco gas station. If you’re already making a trip to Costco for groceries or other goods, why not take advantage of the opportunity to fill up your tank as well? You can take care of multiple tasks during one trip, saving you valuable time.

Streamlining your errands and making significant savings on gasoline has never been easier. Whether it’s for your everyday commute, a lengthy road trip, or simply topping up the tank, getting gasoline at Costco is an excellent choice for members. You’ll drive away knowing you’re getting the most effective and efficient fuel for your buck.

A picture of a Costco gas station with cars refueling at the pumps.

Photo by sooprun on Unsplash

Rotisserie Chicken

Best Rotisserie Chicken Deal At Costco

Spending less to get more is the ultimate goal for anyone on the hunt for good deals, and Costco’s rotisserie chickens provide just that. Priced at an incredibly reasonable $4.99, these chickens outshine many competitors in more ways than one. Not only do you get more quantity for your buck, but the quality is also well worth your money.

One thing that sets Costco’s rotisserie chickens apart from the rest is their size. They are larger compared to those offered by most supermarket chains, meaning more hearty servings per chicken. Whether you’re feeding a family, meal prepping for the week, or just really love your poultry, these chickens are a fantastic option.

Even more appealing than their size is the taste. Costco’s rotisserie chickens are seasoned perfectly, ensuring they are flavorful and juicy. There is nothing dry or bland about these birds. They are carefully prepared and slow-cooked for hours to achieve that delectable, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Additionally, the convenience factor cannot be overlooked. These chickens are ready to serve as soon as you get home, making them perfect for busy evenings when you don’t have time to cook. They can easily be incorporated into a variety of recipes, from salads to sandwiches, or enjoyed on their own.

Whether you’re a frequent Costco shopper or just contemplating a visit, their rotisserie chicken should definitely be on your shopping list. It checks all the boxes for affordability, taste, size, and convenience. It’s no surprise why this product has become a favorite among many Costco members.

A delicious rotisserie chicken from Costco, seasoned to perfection and ready to be enjoyed.

Costco’s Bakery Items

Award-Winning Artisan Bread

Featuring a variety of bread ranging from sourdough to multi-grain, Costco’s bakery has become quite famous for their Artisan Breads. Freshly baked in-house, its excellent quality and taste have made it a favorite among many customers. Whether you need it for sandwiches or as an accompaniment for your soup, this delightful variety of artisan bread will surely meet your needs.

Must-Try Muffins

Next on the list are the jumbo-sized muffins that are perfect for breakfast or as a decadent snack in-between. From blueberry to chocolate, Costco muffins are moist and dense with a sweet, succulent taste that will satisfy any sweet tooth. These muffins are known for their generous serving size and are considered a great value for the price.

Delectable Cookies and Pastries

Costco is also known for its wide selection of cookies and pastries. The delicious and buttery Kirkland Signature cookies, Danish, and various sweet rolls are all freshly baked with high-quality ingredients. They may not be the most healthy option, but they are perfect as a weekend treat or for special occasions.

Standout Bagels

If you prefer something a little bit healthier and chewy, Costco’s bagels are a must-try. These divine bagels come in a variety of flavors from plain to everything, and from cinnamon raisin to blueberry. Fresh and flavorful, these bagels make the perfect breakfast or lunch base.

Scrumptious Cakes

Last but certainly not least, Costco’s bakery offers an array of scrumptious cakes. Whether it’s for a birthday, a celebration, or just because you need a sweet treat, these cakes never disappoint. Costco’s Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake and Kirkland’s Signature Tiramisu are among the customer favorites. These extravagant cakes are not only delicious but also offer great value for the large portions.

Healthy Options

Costco’s bakery does not limit itself to indulgent treats. For those seeking healthier options, look no more. Costco also provides a range of organic, gluten-free, and low-sugar bread, cakes, and other items. These alternatives are just as delightful and are perfect for those sticking to a diet or with dietary restrictions.

From the variety of goodies, high-quality ingredients, and delicious taste, to the reasonable price and portion size, there’s no doubt that Costco’s bakery items are some of the best things to get at Costco.

Assortment of bakery products including bread, muffins, cookies, bagels, and cakes. The image showcases the variety and deliciousness of Costco's bakery items.

Prescription Glasses

The Eyewear Advantage with Costco Optical

The need for eyewear isn’t unusual, in fact, it’s a necessity for many people. This is where Costco Optical chips in, offering a solution that doesn’t compromise quality for cost. Costco offers easy access to high quality prescription glasses at prices that give the top eyewear retailers a run for their money. A distinguishing factor is that along with these competitive prices, the frame selection is vast.

To make your selection process smooth and convenient, Costco Optical maintains an extensive inventory comprising of various styles and state-of-the-art brands. Whether you’re on the lookout for sleek metallic frames, comfortable nylon frames, or chic oversized frames, chances are high you’ll find something at Costco that not only fits your prescription, but also your fashion style.

If you’re worried about how your insurance will stack up with Costco’s services, you’ll be glad to know that the store accepts most of the major vision insurance plans. This allows you to get the most out of your vision coverage and often results in significant savings.

Costco Optical is also accommodating for those in need of additional eyewear assistance or have a more complex prescription, providing the services of trained in-store opticians. These opticians also offer free frame adjustments for those little tweaks to ensure the perfect fit.

But perhaps one of the greatest perks about Costco Optical is the member satisfaction. Studies have shown that among eyewear retailers, Costco has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates. High-quality products paired with exceptional customer services certainly make Costco Optical a go-to choice for prescription glasses.

Overall, with their competitive pricing, wide frame selection, insurance compatibility, and pleasant customer satisfaction, Costco Optical proves to be a beneficial stop for those requiring prescription glasses. It’s a combination of value for your wallet and quality for your vision.

An image depicting a person wearing prescription glasses from Costco Optical.

Photo by apostolosv on Unsplash

Wine & Liquor

Uncorking Wine Selection At Costco

The wine selected presented by Costco can feel like a well-stocked winery itself. From familiar domestic labels to more exotic international finds, the aisles are home to a wealth of vintages that cover the spectrum of taste profiles. For the best value, be sure to browse through the collection of Kirkland Signature wines. These wines are specially selected from renowned wineries around the world and offer you outstanding quality for an unbeatable price.

Hold no qualms when shopping for the Kirkland Signature wines. These bottles aren’t simply relabeled generics. In fact, they are often produced by well-known wineries, the identities of which are usually kept under wraps. However, with a little sleuthing of the label details and production areas, you can sometimes make an educated guess which famous winery produced your Kirkland bottle.

A Toast to Savings With Costco’s Liquor

The benefits extend beyond wine to all manner of liquors the Costco shelves have to offer. Whether your preference slopes towards bourbon, vodka, gin, or Tequila, you’d find a variety of high-quality brands to quench your thirst. Yet again, the Kirkland Signature brands come highly recommended. Keeping up with its reputation, Kirkland’s spirits are crafted to match quality with big-name makers whilst slashing a part of the price.

Consider Kirkland’s French Vodka which has been compared favorably to lush brands like Grey Goose. Meanwhile, the American Vodka is noted for its fantastic price-to-quality ratio. Similarly, the Kirkland Tequila Anejo is often compared to Patrón Añejo, yet costs a fraction of the price.

Balancing Quality and Quantity

The Costco liquor department’s reputation for providing great value extends to the sizes of its bottles. Many spirits come in larger 1.75-liter bottles, providing more value when compared to standard-sized liquor bottles sold elsewhere. While this may sound like a lot, the savings can really add up, especially when prepping for a party or stocking up the bar.

To make your shopping easier, Costco labels each product with a price tag that includes the cost per unit (usually per liter or per ounce). This way, you get an at-a-glance understanding of the comparative value of each bottle.

Be sure to take full advantage of the diverse range of high-quality, low-cost wines and spirits available at Costco. Just remember, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, always drink responsibly!

A wide variety of liquor bottles on a shelf at Costco.

Frozen Foods

Enjoy Convenient Pre-Made Meals

Costco’s frozen food section offers a myriad of pre-packaged, ready-to-cook meals that can easily feed a family. From shepherds’ pie to lasagna or chicken pot pie, these meals only require heating up before they’re ready to eat. This makes them a convenient and time-saving option for those busy weekday nights when you don’t have the energy to cook from scratch.

Party Appetizers Galore

Hosting a party? The frozen aisle at Costco is a party planner’s paradise. You can find a vast range of frozen appetizers like mini quiches, tempura shrimp, spring rolls, or spinach and cheese spanakopita. And let’s not forget about Costco’s variety of frozen pizzas. These items allow you to put together a comprehensive party menu without slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Frozen Seafood Selection

For seafood lovers, Costco’s frozen food aisle is also worth a visit. Their seafood selection includes shrimp, salmon, halibut, and tilapia, among others. With the abundance and diversity of options available, you can put together a weeknight seafood feast or store a few bags for unexpected guests.

Healthy Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Need to add more fruits and veggies to your diet but have limited refrigerator space? Costco’s frozen food aisle came to the rescue. You can find a wide selection of frozen fruits and vegetables, including berries, mangoes, broccoli, and mixed vegetables. Frozen produce is flash-frozen at peak ripeness, retaining more of the nutrients compared to fresh counterparts that have traveled far. They make for easy additions to smoothies, stir-fry dishes, or salads.

Frozen Treats for Dessert

Last but not least, don’t skip the frozen dessert section at Costco. From classic ice cream tubs and bars to more unique frozen desserts like mochi ice cream or Belgian mini cream puffs, there’s something that suits every sweet tooth. These frozen treats make for a delightful end to your meal or a refreshing snack on a hot day.

Remember though, while these frozen food items sure are convenient and delicious, moderation is key. Don’t solely rely on them, but consider them as options for those hectic days, last-minute gatherings or sudden sweet cravings.

Various frozen food items from Costco's frozen food section


The Electronics Lover’s Paradise at Costco

With shelves lined with the latest gadgets and gizmos, Costco offers a fantastic source for all things electronics. Undoubtedly, you’ll find the latest iterations of laptops, each showcasing a myriad of features tuned to suit varying needs. From power-packed models for the avid gamer to sleek, lightweight options perfect for on-the-go professionals, there’s a laptop for every user.

Costco’s extensive selection of TVs

Costco’s extensive selection also includes TVs, with a range of choices that extends from basic 32-inch screens to massive 85-inch models. LCD, LED, OLED, and the recently released QLED options all make an appearance, delivering rich visuals, vibrant colors, and stunning detail. Their broad selection ensures you can feel like you’re in the middle of the action, whether you’re watching your favorite sports team, the latest blockbuster movie, or streaming your favorite shows.

Home appliances for every need

Ever expanding its range, Costco also presents an array of home appliances, ranging from savvy smart homes gadgets to everyday necessities like microwaves and fridges. Each appliance comes with numerous features designed to make your life easier, more convenient, and efficient.

Generous return policy and warranties

One of the significant advantages of buying electronics from Costco comes from their generous return policy and warranties. Most electronics purchased from Costco come with an extended warranty that greatly exceeds manufacturers’ standard warranty periods. This gives the buyer a generous safety net, providing significant peace of mind. These warranties could deliver substantial savings in repair or replacement costs over the life of the electronic item.

Unbeatable savings

Last but not least, are the savings to be had through Costco’s carefully curated electronic selection. Offering some of the most competitive prices in the market, Costco ensures that your gadget needs do not have to break the bank. With frequent sales events, there is always a golden opportunity to pick up that dream gadget at a substantial saving.

A one-stop-shop for all your electronics needs

Mirroring the best in tech trends, Costco truly serves as a one-stop-shop for all your electronics needs. More than just a warehouse store, it is a venue where technology enthusiasts and bargain hunters can find common ground.

Image of a person surrounded by various electronic devices at a Costco store

Organic Products

Organic Produce Galore

Costco makes healthy eating more accessible with its considerable selection of organic produce. The variety includes staples like apples, bananas, and tomatoes, with a delightful mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables thrown into the mix. The freshness and quality of the produce are on par with any upscale farmer’s market, but at much more affordable prices. These options cater wonderfully to those who are health-conscious or are following strictly organic diets.

Wholesome Grains

In addition to fresh produce, Costco offers a plethora of organic grains. Whole grain, gluten-free pasta, quinoa, and brown rice are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also unique additions like organic chia seeds, flax seeds, and ancient grains which can greatly diversify your pantry. This makes Costco an excellent place to stock up on the basics that form the building blocks of a nutritious, balanced diet.

Healthy Snacking Options

Costco even has your cravings covered, with healthier, organic snack options such as dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. For the chocolate lovers, there are even organic dark chocolates. These snacks are not only delightful but also provide nutritional benefits. They’re perfect for those mid-afternoon hunger pangs or late-night munchies.

Bulk Buys for Better Value

One highlight of shopping at Costco, especially for organic goods, is the ability to buy in bulk. This buying model means that not only do you save time with less frequent shopping trips, but you also benefit from cheaper costs per unit compared to conventional stores. Having a pantry full of organic goods has never been so easy or cost-effective.

Checking labels is key

While shopping at Costco it’s always important to check the labels of the products. With their array of green and health-friendly tags like “organic,” “non-GMO,” and “gluten-free,” you can make informed decisions to suit your specific dietary requirements and preferences.

Sustainability and Fair Trade

Being organic doesn’t just stop at health benefits. Many of the organic products available at Costco are also fair trade. This means that they promote fairer transactions for farmers and workers in developing countries. So, by buying organic at Costco, you’re not only investing in your health, but also in a social and environmentally conscious manner.

Picture of a variety of colorful organic fruits and vegetables on display at Costco.

After exploring the many offerings of Costco, it’s clear that it provides great value across a broad variety of product categories. From delectable bakery items to high-quality electronics, fresh and organic groceries to excellent gasoline deals, and the incredibly affordable eyewear services – there is an extensive range of exceptional items. The remarkable selection of Kirkland Signature items provides an additional level of value. So, whether you’re shopping for day-to-day groceries, looking to fuel your vehicle, planning a party, or searching for killer deals on electronics, Costco has got you covered. Next time you venture into a Costco aisle, keep an eye out for these top picks to get the most bang for your buck.

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