Chinese Barbecue Pork

Chinese Barbecue Pork

chinese barbecue pork


Barbecue pork is very famous in the United States, especially sweet sour spareribs. Chinese restaurant usually make pork ribs with with sweet sour sauce. Chinese barbecue pork is a traditional ancient Chinese food in southern China, such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They also eat buns with Chinese barbecue pork. This recipe is also good for family get-together in a barbecue setting. is a Chinese food blog, where you can find most authentic Chinese recipes.


Char Siew Paste
seafood sauce
sesame oil
sesame seed


1. Prepare all ingredients including diced ginger and garlic.
2. Cut and wash spareribs, soak them in water and remove all the blood. Then take out for reserve.
3. Mix char siew paste, seafood sauce, sesame oil, diced ginger and garlic with spareribs.
4. Keep spareribs with the seasoning in refrigerator overnight.
5. Mix two tablespoon of mixed seasoning with honey for reserve.
6. Place spareribs on the grill on top of tinfoil. Put spareribs inside the oven for 25 minutes at 210 degrees. Make sure to take out spareribs after 10 minutes to brush seasoning and pour sesame seed.


1. Do not add too much salt, because char siew paste and seafood sauce is salty.
2. Soak spareribs at least for 4 hours if not overnight for better taste!

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