Egg Tofu Shrimp

egg tofu shrimp


Egg Tofu Shrimp

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egg tofu shrimp 2

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Egg tofu shrimp is a classic Chinese food, The Chinese used to fry tofu and shrimp together, but this egg tofu is also called Japanese tofu, add starch is an authentic Chinese
cooking skill, so this egg tofu shrimp will be show up in ancient Chinese food Recipes and Simple Chinese food Recipes. You can also check here to find all shrimp recipes.


Egg tofu: x 2
Shrimp:  250 g
Red pepper : 1/2
Green onion: x 2
Ginger: two pieces


Cook wine
white pepper
bone soup (optional)


1. prepare all ingredients
2. clean the shrimp(without shell) and absorb the water, then add cook wine,salt and white pepper, soak for few minutes
3. cut egg tofu into pieces
4. let egg tofu cover starch
5. stir fry egg tofu until them get golden color
6. stir fry ginger pieces first then add shrimps
7. add red pepper
8. add fried egg tofu
9. add bone soup and salt
10. when boiled add green onion on the top, it is ready to serve.


1. If you want to use shrimp with shell that could be fine
2. bone soup is optional, water will be fine
3. starch will change the soup to sauce, make this egg tofu shrimp have better looking and taste.


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