Pickled Chinese cabbage Fillet

Pickled Chinese cabbage fillet

Pickled Chinese cabbage fillet


Pickled Chinese cabbage Fillet is famous in Mainland China. Pickled Chinese cabbage is an East-northern China dish(Eight Culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine), which is one of my favorite dish. This is a Traditional Chinese Recipe.


Pickled Chinese cabbage
Green Onion
Red Pepper
Peppercorn(Must have)


1. Wash Fillet first then soak with Rice Wine and Black Pepper for 15 minutes.
2. Sliced dry Pickled Chinese cabbage, Ginger,Red Pepper and diced Green Onion.(Keep the sauce from Pickled Chinese cabbage)
3. Fry Pickled Chinese cabbage then take out for reserve
4. Fry Ginger, Fillet when fillet changed color then add Cooking Wine(Rice Wine Substitute)
5. Add water, use high heat to cook, until the soup turn to white
6. Add Pickled Chinese cabbage and cook for 10 minutes then add salt and white pepper
7. Add Fillet but need to shut down the heat when they boiled (This step to make sure Fillet get best taste)
8. Add Green onion, red pepper and peppercorn.
9. Heat oil and pour on the dish.

Thanks 木可家, A professional Cook and Mom. Start to Practice this Pickled Chinese cabbage Fillet

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