Roasted Vegetable Shrimp

Roasted Vegetable Shrimp

Roasted Vegetable Shrimp


Roasted Vegetable Shrimp 1

Roasted Vegetable Shrimp 2

Roasted Vegetable Shrimp 3

Roasted Vegetable Shrimp 4


This Roasted Vegetable Shrimp is not Classic Chinese Recipe, but it’s simply Steps to make a delicious Barbecue food.  I do saw Walmart have Small Oven about $150, I do not have Kids, If i get kids i will Try this, Choose your Favorite Vegetables to makeup.


Shrimp: x 16
Celery: x 1
Red Pepper: 1/2
Yellow Pepper: 1/2
Lemon: 1/2
Crumbs: 100 g
Garlic(Ground Powder): 4 Pieces (1 teaspoon)


Black Pepper
Oil: 2 teaspoon


1. Clean the Shrimp(Remove Shell and Dirty in Shrimp’s Back)
2. Clean and Cut Celery, Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper into same Shape
3. Mix Garlic, Spicy, Black pepper and Salt with Shrimp and Vegetables
4. Add Oil and Lemon Juice
5. Mix well and cove with plastic wrap for keeping curing in refrigerator
6. Add Crumbs and Mix
7. String Shrimp and Vegetables with Bamboo Stick and put them on tinfoil
8. Put Shrimp and Vegetables in the oven(392 Preheat) for 18 minutes, Then Add Black Pepper


1. Curing Longer Taste Better
2. Choose your Favorite Vegetables


Thanks “美妈”, Nice cook and Mom.

Amy & Yan

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