Sea Cucumber Egg Custard

Sea Cucumber Egg Custard

sea cucumber egg custard

Sea Cucumber Egg Custard

Sea cucumber egg custard is a kind of ancient Chinese food. Sea cucumber is one of the best ingredients in mainland China. Chinese people think sea cucumber can increase sexual function. Using microwave to make egg custard is really easy. Here is the best Chinese recipes selection.


egg: x 3
sea cucumber: 3/2
green onion: x 2
soy sauce
sesame oil


1. cut sea cucumber and green onion into small pieces
2. beat the eggs and add some salt
3. add same volume water
4. use strainer mesh filtrate the eggs
5. pour the eggs in big bowl
6. add 1/2 sea cucumber into the eggs
7. cover the bolw or use preservative film and steam for 10 minutes, then add the rest sea cucumber and continue steaming for 5 minutes
8. in the end, add green onion,soy sauce and sesame oil. it’s ready to serve.


1. the sea cucumber should be soaked in water before cooked
2. use strainer mesh can make egg custard more beautiful
3. add warm water but the most important is add same volume water, because this ratio is the best by testing
4. use cover or preservaive film can make the egg custard top looks flat.

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