Shrimp Okra Gumbo

Shrimp Okra Gumbo

shrimp Okra Gumbo

Shrimp okra gumbo recipe is very simple Chinese food recipe. Chinese like stir fry shrimp first then cook with ingredients again. The cooking wine(Rice wine substitute) and ginger will make okras more tasty.  White pepper and dry red pepper will make sure this dish is spicy. You can try stir fry okras with pork or beef with the same seasonings.


Shrimp (If your shrimp have head, you can try Shrimp Head Oil)
Green Onion
Dry Red Pepper
Cook Wine
White Pepper
Salad Oil
Soy Sauce


1. Wash okra and remove the root, take off the shell of the shrimp, and Clean the Shrimp Line, Then mixed well with cook wine, Salt, White Pepper.
2. Okra need to cut into small pieces as shown above, slice ginger and garlic.
3. Stir fry shrimp first, take out shrimps when shrimps get medium well.
4. Stir fry Ginger,garlic and dry red pepper
5. Add okra pieces(If you think okra is too day , just add few water)
6. Add salt and Say Sauce
7. Add Medium well cooked Shrimps
8. When okra pieces get thickness will be ready to serve.


1. It’s better to find little and young okras
2. Do not use copper and iron container to keep okras, otherwise they will change color.


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