Top Cutting Board to Consider for Chinese food

Top Cutting Board to Consider:
1. Best Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set by Royal Wood Craft

Why we love it?
Saving the environment plus incredible value! Bamboo is natural and sustainable. It’s free of BPA and chemicals. So good for the environment and your health! This cutting board set has 3 different sizes, making it suitable for both everyday tasks and holiday meal prep. You don’t have to pull out a giant one for small tasks. The smallest one can be easily used as a cheese block or Charcuterie board too!

-Versatile and cost-effective
-Water-resistant material and air dry quickly
-You can designate each one to specific tasks for better hygiene
– Easy to use and clean
– Have juice groove and side handles
– Lightweight
– Great packaging for gifts
– Possible splinters and cracking

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2. Best Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens
Why we love it?
This Walnut wood cutting board has a beautiful dark brown shade. It’s made of non endangered Black Walnut Wood in the USA. Reversible yet stylish, this cutting board can be used as a cutting surface and a setting for cheese or appetizers on the other side. Among many different kinds of woods, walnut wood is the most knife friendly one to keep a blade sharper for longer. This cutting board may be a little expensive, but we believe it’s worth the investment in the long run.

— Variable sizes available
— 100% money-back guarantee
— Antimicrobial properties to keep bacteria away
— Have juice drip groove
— Board comes unseasoned, so you have more control over it
— Made in the USA
— Versatile and practical in use

— Require seasoning (if you don’t want to do the work)

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3. Best Wood Cutting Board Set by ZESPROKA

Why do we love it?
This cutting board set is made of acacia wood, which is famous for being virtually indestructible. Acacia is becoming one of the top choices for cutting board wood and it’s much cheaper than maple. With a beautiful natural polish and three different sizes (12” x 8” x 0.6”, 14” x 10” x 0.6”, and 16” x 12” x 0.6” respectively), this set has incredible value. The large one provides enough space to carve out your Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, while the medium and small one can meet your regular daily chopping needs.

-Made of durable wood
-Variety of sizes
-Can be used as a cheese board
-With Juice drip

-Some customers noticed cracks

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4. Best Color-coded Plastic Cutting Board Mats by Olivivi
Why we love it?
There are many plastic cutting board mats out there, big or small, white or colored, but we feel this set really pays attention to details. It is made of HDPP (rather than poly), which is thicker than ordinary ones, making it more resistant to warping, knife wound, and dyeing. The back of the board has dot structures to increase friction and hold the board in place.

– Easy to clean and store (with easy-grip handle)
– Dishwasher safe on the top rack
– Color-coded to avoid cross-contamination
– BPA free, 100% Food grade material
– Easy to curl to a certain angle and transfer food to the pans
– Odor-resistant (they do not retain the odor of foods like fish or onions)
– Does not take much storage space

– Possible warping problem
– No juice groove (so liquids would leak onto counters)

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5. Best Plastic Cutting Board Set by Gorilla Grip
Why we love it?
The useful sizes and weight make daily food prep a breeze. If you have an oversized plastic cutting board as I do, please consider this set because it will make life so much easier. I have a restaurant-style oversized one, but it won’t fit in the dishwasher. And I always have to rely on it even when cutting something small. The three different sizes will help avoid cross-contamination too! As long as your countertop is clean and the bottom of the board is wiped off, it doesn’t move around. The handles even have a hole, making them easy to grip with a finger or two. This set has the perfect thickness, not too thin (that’ll warp or spin), but not too thick and heavy.

–Come with three different sizes
— Have juice groove
–Thicker and stronger than similar products
— BPA free and dishwasher safe
— No splinter, crack or peel
— No oiling or maintenance necessary
— Many colors to choose from
— No questions asked return policy
— Great value

— Some people complain about deep cut marks

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