Water Chestnut Pear Soup

Water Chestnut Pear Soup

water chestnut pear soup

Water Chestnut Pear Soup

Water chestnut pear soup is  a classic Chinese soup, which helps to relieve coughing. I’ve had this soup for a few times. This is a very simple soup. Rock candy is a must have ingredient, while hawthorn is optional.


water chestnut: x 10
pear: x 1
Chinese dates: x 5
Wolf berry: x 10
white sugar cubes
dry hawthorn (optional)


1. peel and wash water-chestnut, then cut into small pieces
2. cut the pear into big pieces
3. wash and remove the inside of Chinese date
4. wash dry hawthorn
5. add chestnuts, chinese date and dry hawthorn to boiled water then turn to low heat for 20 minutes
6. add white sugar cubes
7. add wolf berry, turn off heat when it gets boiled again
8. Ready to serve!


1. Some of the ingredients are very popular in Chinese cuisine, such as wolf berry, which you can buy from local Chinese supermarket. It is very good for eye health–highly recommended to computer owners!

2. I also recommend this desert for women who wants a better skin texture and tone! It really works over time!

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