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link to Peppers Bacon

Peppers Bacon

Peppers Bacon     This Peppers Bacon Recipe's Chinese Name is 青椒回锅肉,This is Really an Ancient Chinese Recipe , In China, people eat pork belly shows above,...

link to Beef Soup

Beef Soup

Beef Soup   This Beef Soup's Chinese name is “罗宋汤”, is very popular in South China(Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine), Even South Asia,This Chinese Recipe is...

link to Tomato Fillet

Tomato Fillet

Tomato Fillet     This is Very Cool Chinese Recipe, Simply steps and easy to prepare, I do think this Kind of Food fit for Restaurant. Try this Amazing Tomato Fillet...

link to Laba Congee

Laba Congee

  Laba Congee       Laba Congee  is a traditional Chinese food in Chinese Festival, like Moon Cake in Moon Cake Festival, Chinese Think Beans can help nourish...