Banana in Hot Toffee

Banana in Hot Toffee

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Banana is not only a fruit; when cooked creatively, it can become a healthy Chinese dessert! To Chinese people who have developed the traditional Chinese cuisine for 5000 years, they like to stick to the tradition, but at the same time, think outside the box. This authentic Chinese recipe is a type of Lu cuisine (Shangdong Province cuisine), one of the eight regional cuisines in China.  It’s fun to eat! If next time you have some friends come over for dinner, you can easily surprise them with this recipe! I am sure everyone will love this experience!


Banana: 3

Eggs: 2

Starch: 30 g

Salad oil: 150 g

Black sesame: 2 teaspoons

Sugar: 6 tablespoons

Water: 50 g

Malt: 1 tablespoon


1. Cut peeled bananas into cubes. Roll the banana cubes over a layer of a combination of egg white and starch. Mix well and set aside.

2.  Heat up the pan to medium hot. Add oil. Place banana cubes one by one and fry until the skin turns golden brown. Remove banana cubes and set aside.
3.  Put some sugar in the pan. The ratio of sugar to oil is 10 to 3.  The oil temperature should not be too high. Use a spoon to stir the melted sugar slowly. Boil until the sugar turns pale yellow and can spare spare the sugar filaments.  Put banana cubes in the syrup. Hold the pan away from the heat, and quickly stir and wrap each banana cube evenly in the syrup. Remove bananas to a plate. Slightly sprinkle some black or white sesame on top. It can add extra flavor.
4. Get a bowl of cold water. You will need to dip the caramelized bananas in it. As the syrup temperature decreases, the banana cubes won’t stick to your teeth. More importantly, it tastes more crispy.


1. You probably won’t see the candied floss immediately after it’s ready.  Once the temperature decreases, it will be easier to see the filaments.
2. It’s better to serve this dessert when it’s hot. Because when it turns to a “stone” texture once it cools down:).

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