Chicken Mushroom Soup

Chicken mushroom soup

Chicken mushroom soup

Chicken mushroom soup is classic Chinese food in mainland China. This is an ancient traditional Chinese Food recipes , you can add more water to make a lot of soup. Soy sauce will make this soup more tasty. The rock candy is also a must in this recipe, used in other recipes such as sweet sour spareribs, sweet sour hairtail. You can find more chicken recipes and soup recipes in this blog.


chicken: 1/2
small mushroom: x 40
ginger: 3 pieces
green onion: x 3
garlic: 3 pieces
aniseed: x 1
bay leaf: x 1
salad oil
rock candy(white color)
cook wine
soy sauce


1. wash mushroom first then soak them into warm water for about 10 minutes
2. wash chicken and cut into small pieces shown as above
3. fry rock candy first with low heat
4. when rock candy turn to brown color add chicken pieces and turn to high heat
5. add ginger pieces, green onion, garlic, aniseed, bay leaf together
6. add cook wine,soy sauce,salt,stir fry for 2 minutes
7. clean mushroom use clear water and the water soak mushroom pour into chicken pieces
8. when boiled,turn to low heat
9. 8 minutes later add mushrooms
10. when the chicken piece and mushrooms get soft is ready,add sesame on the top is ready to serve


1. soak mushroom can make this soup more tasty
2. mushroom can absorb salt, so it’s better add mushroom in the last step.

thanks 美妈, you are the best mom and cook in this world, yzenith is Chinese food blog, where you can find the most authentic Chinese food Recipes.

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