Chinese Sausage Mushroom Rice

Chinese Sausage Mushroom Rice



Chinese Sausage Mushroom Rice 


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Chinese Sausage Mushroom Rice step 2

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This Chinese Recipe need Chinese Sausage, you could only buy it from Chinese Supermarket, You can change it to any smoked Sausage you like, Green Onion is Optional for the Decoration, Try Chinese Sausage Mushroom rice for lunch to Your Family. Check here for all Chinese Sausage Recipes

1. Ingredients:

Rice: 250 g
Chinese Sausage: 100 g
Mushroom: 50 g
Pocket sized mushroom: 50 g
Garlic: 2 pieces


Rice Wine: 1 tablespoon
Soy Sauce: 1 tablespoon
Salt: 1 teaspoon
sugar: 1 teaspoon

(Rice Wine Substitute)

2. Diced all Mushrooms into small cube
3. Soak Chinese Sausage in water for 15 minutes, then diced into cubes
4. Cook all Mushrooms with water then take out
5. Stir fry garlic(it’s better diced) first, then add Chinese Sausage
6. Then you find Chinese Sausage changed Color, add Mushrooms and Seasoning
7. Soak Rice into water for 2 hours(This should be First step to do)
8. When Rice get boiled add fried Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms, turn to low heat and covered for 10 minutes, then keep warm for 15 minutes.
9. Add some diced Green Onion on the top(Optional)



Contributor: 木可家 (Chinese Sausage Mushroom Rice)

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