Chinese Sausage Snow Bean

Chinese Sausage snow Bean


Chinese Sausage Snow Bean

Chinese Sausage snow Bean 1

Chinese Sausage snow Bean 2



This Chinese Recipe is Common in China and Tasty, Looks Pretty. But i can only find Chinese sausage(Check here for Chinese Sausage Recipes) in Chinese super market, so you can changed it to any smoked sausage you want Or Try Smoked Ham.

1. Ingredients:

  • Snow Bean 300 g
    Chinese Sausage 100 g(or smoke sausage)
    Salt 1 teaspoon
    Sugar 1/2 teaspoon

2.  Remove Snow bean pedicel,cut into oblique section,wash Chinese sausage same way with jack bean
3.  Put little bit of oil,stir fry Chinese sausage first to change color,take out but keep oil in the pan(because the Chinese sausage have oil,do not put so much, when the Chinese sausage fry longer,it will taste worse)
4.  Reheat the pan with oil,add jack beans stir fry(if you think to dry just add bit of oil)
5.  Add salt stir when snow bean have bubble in the surface
6.  Add fried Chinese sausage and sugar then stir


Contributor: 木可家 (Chinese sausage snow bean)

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