Salty Shelled Peanuts

Salty Shelled Peanuts

Salty Shelled Peanuts


Salty Shelled Peanuts 1

Salty Shelled Peanuts 2


Salty Shelled Peanuts is a super easy Chinese Recipe, When i was a kid in China, My Mom prepared a lots Salty Peanuts, When we have dinner party and This is best Dish with China Liquor. Another Great Easy Peanut Recipe i posted is Vinegar Peanut, more healthier I think.


Raw Shelled Peanuts
Bay leaf


1. Clean Raw Peanuts’ Shell
2. Add Shelled peanuts, water, Peppercorn, Cinnamom,Aniseed, Bay Leaf.
3. Add Salt.(To make sure Peanuts get salty is better add a little bit more salt)
4. High heat for 5 minutes then turn to medium for 20 minutes. Ready to serve.


1. Make sure Raw peanuts’ Shell get clean. (sometimes Peanut have dust)
2. If you like peanut get more salty, you can crack peanuts’ shell before seasoning
3. For better taste, is better keep peanuts in hot water for longer.
4. General Speaking, 20 minutes is Enough for cooking, But if you like peanut taste more soft, you can boiled them longer.




Thanks “美妈”, Nice Cook and Mom

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