Shrimp Heads Oil

Shrimp Heads Oil

Shrimp heads oil

This Shrimp heads oil recipe is for the people who are looking for the best taste of stir fry food. You can use this oil stir to fry any dish, vegetables or meat,  This is a simple easy Chinese food recipe, but be mindful of the heat, because the shrimp heads are very easy to be overlycooked, This recipe is not ancient traditional Chinese food recipe, but very useful to enhance the taste of food. This is the link for all Shrimp Recipes.


Shrimp Head: x 40
Oil: 200 ml (Vegetable oil or Corn oil)
Ginger: x 2


1. When you cook shrimp, just keep those shrimp heads, wash them for reserve.
2. Add 200 ml in the fry pan, pour all shrimp head and ginger in the pan.
3. Use low heat to cook shrimp head.
4. When you found oil turn to orange color and the shrimp head’s shell almost transparent, take out shrimp’s head and dregs, cover with preservative film in refrigerator.


1. Before add shrimp heads into oil, it’s better use kitchen paper absorb water
2. The reason why use low heat is because high heat will over cooked shrimp heads quickly.

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