Shrimp Paste White Gourd

Shrimp Paste White Gourd

Shrimp Paste White Gourd

Shrimp Paste White Gourd is Traditional Chinese food, not a dessert though. I am not very familiar with this food, it looks like Shanghai style(Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese Cuisine). White gourd is very popular in China, Chinese think it helps the body expel toxins. Check here for more Shrimp Recipes.


white gourd
shrimp (without shell)


cook wine (Rice Wine Substitute)
white pepper


1. Peeled and seed white gourd, use cookie mold to make your favorite shape.
2. Smash shrimp and ginger, then mixed well with cook wine,salt and black pepper to shrimp paste.
3 Put shrimp paste to icing bag.
4. Cook white gourd with shrimp shells until white gourd get soft
5. Place white gourd in a plate and add shrimp paste on the top
6. Steam white gourd with shrimp paste for 4 minutes and the shrimp paste should be pink.



Thanks 木可家, one of best mom and cook in China, If you like this Chinese Recipe, Please help me share this.

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