Steam Black Soybean Spareribs

Steam Black Soybean Spareribs

Steam black soybean spareribs

Steam black soybean spareribs is a classic traditional Chinese food. You can order this in Cantonese dim sum restaurants. The black soybean is the secret to make delicious spareribs. Chinese also make black soybean to soybean sauce(paste), which is the best sauce to make steam fish . is the chinese food blog,where you can find the simply easy Chinese Recipes.


pork spareribs
black soybean
white pepper
chicken powder
soy sauce
sesame oil
red pepper
green onion


1. cut pork spareribs into small pieces. wash in cold water to remove blood
2. wash spareribs again
3. soak soybean with water
4. mix salt with spareribs
5. add white pepper, sugar, chicken powder and sesame oil
6. add starch then mix well
7. add soybean,garlic and soy sauce
8. mix well
9. steam seasoning pork spareribs for 20 minutes then pour diced red pepper and green onion on the top.


1. It will be easier to cook and seasoning if you cut the spareribs to smaller size.

2. If you want to have a healthier diet, steam some vegetables along with the ribs, such as broccoli, green beans or carrots. Perfect for a lunch box menu!

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