The Classic Chinese cartoon movie list

The classic Chinese cartoon movie list is created to in memorial of My children hood Good Chinese Cartoon Movies Inspired me a lot.


  • Slovenly Boy’s Adventure(邋遢大王)- Tell a boy’s adventure story about he fight with the mouse kingdom and save human, The movie describe whole Mouse kingdom as a human kingdom, this kingdom want to destroy Real Human World by Biological Warfare and Rule the world.

  • The Magic Cube Adventure (There is no Official English Name for this Cartoon Movie)-魔方大厦, The story is talking about a boy have a strange adventure in a Magic Cube, He learn a lot in there, The most impressive adventure is the Calender Room, If you want to growing fast, just Remove the current date, When i was a boy, I hope i can grow faster to be a man or even a old man, the Same thing happy In Magic Cube, That Boy remove the date too fast so he can be a old man shortly, Then he find that, Is not that cool as he think, He feel uncomfortable and move slowly, because he is old. The Magic Cube let him Return to a boy. This Inspired me a lot, Time is Running, It never stop, People always Focus on What he did not have, and will make them go crazy finally. There could be no English Version.

  • No Brain and Unhappy (没头脑与不高兴), tell a story about two boys, one is always forget somethings so called no brain, one is always have bad mood then called Unhappy.

  • Three Monks(三个和尚), The story talking about what happened in a temple and  need to transport water to drink when there is only monk, then two monks, finally tree monks, The story is inspirational, Is not a just funny story also talking about human nature. I could not find English Subtitle.

  • Nine Colors Deer(九色鹿)- Buddhist story from Mogao Cave China, The Story tell me the human is greedy and The heart is more treacherous than  anything else and is desperate.- Bible:  Jeremiah 17:9



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