Beer Duck

Beer Duck

beer duck

Beer duck recipe is a kind of simple Chinese recipes. I do recommend you use your leftover beer to cook. This kind of cooking method is very normal in China. There are some recipes using the same cooking method, such as beer eggs.


duck: 1/2
beer: 1 can
green pepper
red pepper
green onion
dry red pepper
soy sauce
dark soy sauce


1. wash duck and cut duck and other ingredients into small piece, if you do not like the fat you can remove them
2. fry green onion,ginger,garlic,then add duck pieces, dry red pepper,aniseed
3. stir fry duck pieces until duck get white and no water come out
4. add soy sauce, dark soy sauce,sugar,salt
5. stir fry for 3 minutes
6. add one can of beer, you can use your reminding beer
7. boiled with high heat, then turn to low heat and continued cooking for 40 minutes
8. when the sauce almost gone, add green pepper, red pepper and onion pieces
9. stir fry, it’s ready to serve


1. it’s recommend use white duck meat to cook this beer duck
2. to make this beer duck more tasty, it’s better make all water out of duck meat during cooking

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