Dry Garlic Ribs

Dry Garlic Ribs

Dry Garlic Ribs

Dry Garlic Ribs Recipe is kind of Ancient Chinese Recipe, with few simple steps you can make this delicious Chinese food. The key is to make sure you soak those spareribs overnight with the seasoning. I do recommend you to use Non-stick fry pan to cook this food, because the soy sauce is very easy to make spareribs sticky. The garlic will be the key seasoning for ribs, and the carrot is optional. If you do not have cooking wine check here, Rice wine substitute.  I have a Roast Garlic spareribs and roast chicken legs.

1. Ingredients:

Spareribs: 600 g (8)
Carrot (Optional)
Green Onion


Cook Wine: 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce: 1/2 tablespoon
Dark Soy Sauce: 1/2 tablespoon
Oyster sauce: 1 tablespoon
Honey: 1 tablespoon


2. Wash Spareribs first then soak in the seasoning overnight
3. Diced Carrot, garlic and Green Onion
4. Use kitchen paper absorb the water on spareribs
5.6. Recommend using Non-stick pan to fry spareribs until all of them turn to golden color, then take out for resever
7.  Stir fry garlic
8. Add carrot
9. Add Spareribs and green Onion, stir fry, is ready to serve.


Thanks 木可家, one of the best Mom and cook on the earth, Yzenith will provide most authentic Chinese Food Recipes for you, If you like it please help me share it.

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