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Laba Congee


Laba Congee


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Laba Congee  is a traditional Chinese food in Chinese Festival, like Moon Cake in Moon Cake Festival, Chinese Think Beans can help nourish people’s kidney, Because they have similar Shape. This Laga Congee is not tradition style but more tasty.


Red Bean
Red Kidney Bean
White Kidney Bean
Sweet Potato
Green Vegetable
Salty Ribs

1. Soak All beans and peanuts overnight. (Beans are hard to cook, this is the reason to Soak overnight)
2. Cook salty Ribs first, then take out cook with all kinds of Beans and peanuts, when get boiled turn to low heat for 20 minutes.
3. Add Soaked Rice and Sweet potato.(without Skin)
4. When it get thick, add green vegetables, salt, cooked for 5 minutes, then turn off fire and keep warm with cover for 10 minutes.



Contributor: 木可家 (Laba Congee)


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