White Turnip Beef Stew

White turnip beef stew

white turnip beef stew

White turnip beef stew recipe is a classic traditional ancient Chinese food recipe. Stew is one of my favorite cooking method, because this method can make food very tasty. I remember when I brought white turnip in a supermarket in Miami, the cashier asked me what was that and how to cook it. I told her this is turnip (白萝卜), but I only know the Chinese name at that time. So, now I have a chance to introduce this amazing recipe for you. Chinese think white turnip can help with the digestive system. I also posted some stew recipes, such as beer duck, chicken mushroom soup, egg tofu shrimp.


beef brisket: 500 g
white turnip: x 1/2
ginger: 3 pieces
green onion: x 1
aniseed: x 1
dry red pepper: x 2
soybean sauce (paste)
dark soy sauce
soy sauce
salad oil


1. wash and cut beef brisket into small cubes
2. cut white turnip and green onion into same size cubes with beef brisket
3. boil water in the pan first
4. add beef brisket cubes into boiled water for 10 minutes, then take out and wash beef brisket cubes for reserve
5. fry ginger pieces, green onion, aniseed and dry red pepper
6. add boiled beef brisket cubes
7. add soybean paste,soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar
8. add water
9. cover the pan and turn the heat to medium, add white turnip cubes until the water becoming thick
10. stew until white turnip getting soft then add salt and stir. it’s ready.


1. follow the lines when you cut beef brisket, this will make beef easier be cooked.
2. add boiled water
3. because soybean paste and soy sauce contain salt, so before you add salt make sure it is not too salty.

thanks 美妈, you are the best mom and cook in mainland China, Yzenith is an authentic Chinese cooking Blog.

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