Steam Chicken Pumpkin Rice

steam chicken pumpkin rice

Steam Chicken Pumpkin Rice

steam chicken pumpkin rice 1

steam chicken pumpkin rice 2


1. ingredients:

  • rice 500 g,
  • chicken leg x 3,
  • pumpkin 250 g,
  • chestnuts 150 g,
  • ginkgo x 10,
  • ginger and garlic.

Sauce for chicken:

  • salt 1 teaspoon,
  • rice wine 1 table spoon,
  • soy sauce 1 table spoon,
  • oil 1 table spoon,
  • black pepper.


  • salt 1 teaspoon,
  • soy sauce 1 table spoon,
  • oil 2 table spoon.

2. remove chicken leg’s bone and cut them to small pieces, add ginger slice and all seasoning mix thoroughly about 15-20 mins.

3. dice pumpkin, chestnuts, ginkgo into small cube for standby.

4. wash rice then marinate rice for 30 mins, cook rice till the water is about to close stem.

5. add all ingredients mix thoroughly, cook with low heat for 30 mins.

6. add garlic before serve.

Contributor: 木可家


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