Easy to get sick or uncomfortable in winter? This list may do the trick!

Easy to get sick or uncomfortable in winter? This list may do the trick!

You may think winter is the worst time to keep fit and stay healthy. However, according to traditional Chinese medicine, winter plays a crucial part in maintaining our overall health.  As the old Chinese saying goes, “Not restoring body essence in winter can lead to illness in spring”, we definitely should pay more attention to winter tonic. It can not only help us have a nice winter time, but reserve energy for the upcoming spring. Part of the winter tonic is to make some authentic Chinese food, such as Moo Goo Gai Pan, Sweet and Sour Ribs, and Chicken Lettuce Wrap.

I am a big fan of  the natural medicines. It takes little efforts to make, but has long-lasting result. Below is a list of natural cure for winter problems. Hopefully it’s helpful! Stay well this winter!

1.Coughing — Eat white turnip

Cold winter is a peak season for coughing.  A nighttime’s lingering cough can keep you from getting a good rest and can also affect your family. You may have tried many cough remedies, but none of them really work, not to mention the side effect. Actually, what you need is simple–a white turnip and some honey. Pharmaceutical manufacturer will never tell you that. All they care is money.

chinese food blog-white turnip for coughing

Method: Peel and wash a white turnip. Cut it to small cubes (the size of soybeans). Soak the cubes in honey for two hours. Then take one tablespoon of white turnip and honey mixture and dilute with warm water. You can drink it 4-5 times a day. This method has rapid antitussive effect and some curative effect in asthma. Check out this authentic Chinese recipes for white turnip.

2. Cold hands and feet – Eat Sweet potato

You should eat more sweet potato in winter, because it is rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins and potassium, magnesium and other nutrients. For people living in rural areas in China , this is a very typical breakfast. Even though some of them may not have the luxury of modern heaters, they are able to keep the body warm all day long by eating sweet potato in the morning and doing physical work during the day.

chinese food blog-sweet potatoes for cold hands and feetMethod: make a pot of sweet potato congee with some rice, or simply bake it in the oven/microwave. You can also make an authentic Chinese soup from the sweet potatoes.

3. Skin itching — Eat Chinese cabbage

In winter, your skin gets dry and itchy easily. In addition to drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, you should adjust your diet a little bit. Chinese cabbage is considered the “King of all vegetables”.

chinese food blog-chinese cabbage for itching skin

Method: Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially Chinese cabbage, white turnip, grapefruit and oranges.

4. Wrinkles — Use Tangerine

Winter is a crucial but difficult time for skincare. Wrinkle is a sign when your skin gets dehydrated. Everyone wants to look younger. Skincare products can be pricy. For me, it’s just not worthy it. More than half of the price is marketing cost. Natural ingredients should come from the natural things, not from small bottles stored in a shelf.

chinese food blog-tangerine for wrinkles

Method: Wash a tangerine. Smash it together with the peel in a bowl, add some honey and a little medical alcohol. Stir it evenly. Then store the container in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. You can apply it to wrinkle areas every morning and evening.

5. Indigestion — Eat Apples

Winter time is tough for outdoor activities, except ice skating, skiing or snow-boarding. Most people prefer indoor activities or simply no activities. If you are like me, considering eating as one of the most important activities in winter, we probably have the same problem-indigestion. So what to do? The answer is apple. Apple contains a variety of  vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, and so on. It can help digestion.

chinese food blog-apples for indigestion

Method: “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Everyone knows this saying. I also heard that, “eating apple in the morning is like eating gold.” So, don’t forget that morning is the best time to eat apple!

6. Red blood silk on face — Use Bananas

Again, skin problem in winter! Some people say that red blood silk is genetic, while others say it’s the reaction of sensitive skin. But anyway, we have easy solution to make your skin look healthier.

chinese food blog-bananas for red blood silk

Method: Smash a banana and then apply in the face for 10 minutes. It will improve your skin condition over time. If you have sensitive skin, you should eat more fruits and vegetables.



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